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By Dietitian Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD

After almost a decade of changing lives through holistic nutrition, I am sharing my 3 step program that empowers you to simplify and improve your health. Want to get started?

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Knowledge is power. Get the latest health information and materials to learn how to fuel your body.

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Health is a journey not a destination.
Each day is an opportunity to reinvent your health, check out my tips for staying on the right path.

Why Does Poo Smell?

image2 (36)

The age old question, something our ancestors sat around camp fires and discussed. Well, not really, but going #2 is a commonality that ties us all together. Today I want to focus on an area that most are too shy to discuss, the odor that is associated with poo. We will look at how poo […]

5 Healthy and Fast Dinner Hacks

image1 (51)

There is nothing worse than getting home after an intense day at work and having to cook a healthy meal. This is usually the moment we hit up UberEATS or just start grazing on what we have in the house. I always feel best when I cook for myself, but sometimes we don’t have the […]

Carrot Top Pesto Recipe


A couple of months ago Jon and I were at a farm stay in Paso Robles. We were told that anything we could pick in the garden we could eat, music to our ears. Since it was November, the only things that were growing were beets, kale and carrots. With an abundance of carrots and […]

Meet the Fig


Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialty in Sports Nutrition. My lifestyle is my career and as crazy as it gets, I always make time for health and you can too. This is where I share all the tips I have learned along the way to sustain a healthy life.

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