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By Dietitian Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD

After almost a decade of changing lives through holistic nutrition, I am sharing my 3 step program that empowers you to simplify and improve your health. Want to get started?

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Tools for Success

Education (Meal Plans)


Knowledge is power. Get the latest health information and materials to learn how to fuel your body.

Support (Consultations)


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The Fearless Blog

Health is a journey not a destination.
Each day is an opportunity to reinvent your health, check out my tips for staying on the right path.

Vegan Cashew Yogurt Recipe


I was at the farmers market the other day and found some cashew yogurt. This was very exciting because it was made locally and had only a handful of ingredients vs. the store bought which has a ton of ingredients and a ton of sugar. The only problem, the farmers market yogurt was $8 for […]

My Secret Weapon to a Better Workout


Do you want to feel good? Do you want to rock your workout? Well join me as I nerd-out, yeah nerd-out, over beets, my secret workout weapon. For more recipes and tips for enhanced performance, check out the FUEL FOR PERFORMANCE meal plan. Beets Nitrates found in beetroot and leafy greens are linked with decreased […]

Meet the Fig


Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialty in Sports Nutrition. My lifestyle is my career and as crazy as it gets, I always make time for health and you can too. This is where I share all the tips I have learned along the way to sustain a healthy life.

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