Meet the Fig

Nutrition has always been a passion and a part of my life. Growing up in a health conscious household cultivated my awareness around the power and versatility of food. My entire family struggled with digestive issues, myself included, from Crohn’s to SIBO to Celiac disease to IBS, we covered it all! My mission became to heal my family and others suffering from digestive issues from the inside out.

I received my Bachelor of Science from the Pennsylvania State University in Nutritional Science and moved to Los Angeles where I became a dietitian. Working as part of an integral care team in the ICU, trauma centers and digestive health clinics opened my eyes to the power of human physiology. One of my most valued accomplishments in the healthcare setting was starting a garden at St. Francis Medical Center that allowed the hospital to provide low-income families with locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Transitioning from healthcare into prevention-focused nutrition, I began studying functional medicine, running marathons and creating programs for large wellness brands like NutriBullet, Dr. Hyman, and HUM Nutrition. I even had the opportunity to speak on the same stage as Bill Clinton and was interviewed by NBC’s Lester Holt about a wellness program I created to transform children’s health. NutriBullet University was a nationwide school nutrition program that provided organic whole foods to students and measured health impact.

With all of my program experience, it was time to create a platform to bring all these tools together, that is how Fearless Fig was born! Through Fearless Fig I help my clients change they way they think about health, identify root cause of health imbalances and provide the education and tools needed to make a long-lasting change. Through my work I have been featured in Men’s Health, SelfBuzzFeed and am getting ready for my first TEDx talk!

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part if your journey to better health.



Health comes down to these 4 topics:

  • Clean eating
  • Repopulate / Balance Gut Flora
  • Manage stress / decrease inflammation
  • Physical Activity


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Specialty in Sports Dietetics
  • Nutritionist
  • Permaculture certification from Punta Mona, Costa Rica


  • Pennsylvania State University, BS in Nutritional Science
  • UCLA Medical Center Dietetic Internship  
  • Alicante University, minor in Spanish
  • UCBT – Improv 101


Eat Healthy Today!

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Start your clean eating journey with my easy-to-use meal prep guide.

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