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Sweet Potato Paleo Quick Bread + Chia Jam

sweet potato paleo quick bread

A quick recipe that is a great snack or a pre-workout food. High in fiber, complex carbs and the right balance of fat so your blood sugar won’t spike. Enjoy!   Quick Bread 1 tbsp coconut oil (for greasing the pan) 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 1/2 cup coconut flour 1 tbsp […]

5 Constipation Hacks

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With over 42 million Americans suffering from constipation, this is a topic we need to talk about! I see clients daily that have altered GI function, specifically constipation. Sometimes you need a little something extra outside of a healthy diet and adequate water intake to get things moving. Here are 5 tips that you can […]

A New Gut Friendly Product!

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A while back, I went to a job interview where the interviewer looked at my resume and immediately said, “Oh, you are poop girl!” That was a proud moment for me. It’s no surprise when I say that I am fascinated by the intricacies of the digestive system. I once had a blog for years […]

Carbs: Are They Hurting us or Helping us?


Even though I would consider myself an expert in the field of health and nutrition, I never stop learning and growing. As testing becomes more precise and the quality of our food changes, my recommendations shift and evolve. Most recently I found myself in a predicament. As a sports dietitian and marathon runner, I focus […]

Digestive Friendly Fat Balls!

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Looking for ways to stay full longer? Well have no fear, here is an amazing recipe to help decrease the daily amount of sugar in your diet and to keep you full. I had one of these before a weight workout and felt great. We will see how I do with a more cardio heavy […]

Why Does Poo Smell?

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The age old question, something our ancestors sat around camp fires and discussed. Well, not really, but going #2 is a commonality that ties us all together. Today I want to focus on an area that most are too shy to discuss, the odor that is associated with poo. We will look at how poo […]

5 Healthy and Fast Dinner Hacks

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There is nothing worse than getting home after an intense day at work and having to cook a healthy meal. This is usually the moment we hit up UberEATS or just start grazing on what we have in the house. I always feel best when I cook for myself, but sometimes we don’t have the […]

Carrot Top Pesto Recipe


A couple of months ago Jon and I were at a farm stay in Paso Robles. We were told that anything we could pick in the garden we could eat, music to our ears. Since it was November, the only things that were growing were beets, kale and carrots. With an abundance of carrots and […]

My Top Protein Bars Picks!

Some of my favorite protein bars, there are so many to chose from!

Finding the best grab-and-go protein bar is always a challenging task. Most brands out there are highly processed, contain ingredients that are beyond my comprehension and are loaded with sugar. While I have my guidelines for how I select bars, there are some exception to the rules depending on how you will use your bar. […]