Chioggia Beets

Found primarily in farmers markets and specialty grocery stores, these little babies are gaining popularity.  The visual representation and look of food plays a huge role in our enjoyment when we eat.  The Chioggia Beet boasts a bright red and white swirl that is not found in other foods in nature.  Excite your vision while eating these bad boys and don't forget they are packed with nutrition.  High in fiber, folic acid and iron, it may be worth taking the extra time to track these down.  Check out these easy tips to include Chioggia Beets at your next meal.


Cooking Tips

  • Cut off tops of beets, cut beets into cubes, drizzle with olive oil and bake at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes, poke with a fork to see if tender
  • Loosely wrap beets in tin foil and throw onto the top rack of a grill
  • Cut of tops and use the greens in a salad or saute
  • Remove tops and thinly slice to add to salads or soups
  • Flavor Enhancement: Combine with balsamic vinegar reduction and feta cheese (my favorite!)

If these tips have left you inspired to branch out, try using regular beets for the same health benefits.  As always comment below if you have any great ways to use beets!



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  1. Susan
    I love putting beets in my salads and grating them over soups! I haven't tried this variety but I will try and track them down.
  2. Susan
    Smoothie Idea: 1/2 Tall cup red leaf lettuce Chunk of chiogga beet 1 new carrot (small & crisp) 1/2 a "juicer" orange 2 tablespoons cooked quinoa 10 walnut halves chia seeds 1.5 cups of green tea

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