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Healthy Travel Tips

When your health is a priority, travel can be daunting. How do you make sure you eat well, what supplements should you take, how will you sleep on the plane? Fear not, I am here to give you my most recent travel tips so you can stay healthy while also enjoying yourself. This article will review the best supplements, snacks, travel items and food strategy to make your upcoming travel less stressful.


Melatonin - 2-3mg of high quality melatonin is great to get your body adjusted to time changes. Take it on the plane to help you sleep or take it when you arrive at your destination to get your sleep cycle back on track. The more hours you sleep, the better your digestion will be!

Digestive Enzymes - When you travel you typically eat a variety of foods that are outside of your normal eating routine. This can lead to more gas and digestive discomfort. Make sure to have some enzymes on hand to help support your body in breaking down macronutrients for better overall digestion.

Mag07 - It's no secret that traveling can be extremely constipating. For this reason, I always bring some Mag07 to get things moving when I am feeling backed up.

Electrolytes - Travel on an airplane is dehydrating and typically when we are traveling for long periods of time our water intake goes down because we don't want to have to stop or get up every 30 minutes to pee. Electrolytes help enhance hydration and help your body more effectively process water intake.


Epic Jerky - getting high quality protein can help regulate blood sugar and prevent your tendency to rely on sweets as a snack

Macadamia Nuts - high source of fat to keep you full for longer periods of time

Nut Butter Packets - great addition to an apple, rice cake or celery and they contain healthy fats. Just look for the ones without palm oil .

Raw oats - the best for breakfast in a pinch. Starting the day with soluble fiber can help keep you regular and full for longer.

Dang Unsweetened Coconut Chips - crunchy, satisfying and full of healthy fats to keep you full (do you see a theme here yet?)

Travel Items

Trtl Travel Pillow - this is by far the best pillow I have ever used on an airplane. I slept for 8 straight hours which is unheard of for me on a plane!

Mzoo Eye Mask - This not only blocked the light but it was extremely comfortable to wear and it didn't squish my eyes.

Food Strategy

Always try to find a local Whole Foods or health food store if possible. They will always have a salad and hot foods bar so you can control your portions and the healthy balance of your meal. Remember to always aim for fiber, fat and protein.

Offer to cook meals if you are with friends and family. This way you know you will be able to eat what is prepared.

Research several healthy restaurant options to offer as a place to go, this way you will know what is on the menu that you can order.

I hope you found these tips helpful and I would love to hear what other tips you have to stay healthy while you travel!


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