• Sarah Greenfield, RD

Meal Prep 101

If you have seen my feed on Instagram, you know I LOVE to meal prep. Putting together different meal combos ensures I always have something healthy to eat and I am not snacking throughout the day. Mindless snacking can be the downfall of any healthy eating plan. Here is how you can integrate meal prep into your life.

  • Get some fun containers. The three compartment containers allow me to test my creativity and make sure I have all the basics of my meals covered

  • Think about macronutrient balance – pick a complex carb, a healthy fat and a lean protein and as many vegetables as you can stand!

  • Do some chopping and food prepping in advance. If already have everything out in your kitchen, maximize your time in order to minimize your clean-up.

  • Think about colors. We eat with our eyes, so the more appealing you can make your meals look, the more you will enjoy the whole meal prep process.

  • Look for inspiration. Instagram is a great place for inspo. These are some of my favorite accounts to follow:

  • @meowmeix

  • @leefromamerica

  • @thewellnecessities

  • @megs_healthymeals

  • @the_fitness_dietitian

  • Get guidance – If you are looking for a place to start, check out my Clean Eating Guide. This will help you get started and teach you how to become a meal prep expert.

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