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Stop Farting with These 5 Foods

If you know me, have talked to me or follow my IG feed you probably have an idea of my obsession with poop. My obsession is much greater than just poop, its a true appreciate and fascination with how the GUT works and how our bodies process food. I have struggled with uncomfortable GI issues that stem from overdoing it on the raw foods (kale specifically – sorry health world), eating too much sugar, not having the right probiotic rich foods in my diet and #1 stress. If any of the above sound like you, read on my friends.

I have spent a lot of time and money trying to understand the GUT and today I want to share with you the top 5 foods that I think not only are best for the GUT, but as easily accessible. There is nothing worse than seeing some awesome product on the internet but having NO WAY to get it.

  1. Kraut – I have learned to hate this food less as I read about more of the health benefits. This truly is an overlooked superfood. It is loaded with healthy bacteria that will ease bloating and knock out the bad bacteria that produces gas. I’d totally rather eat sauerkraut than fart all day, jus sayin.

  2. Miso – Fermented soybeans with barley or rice malt and let me just say YUM. If you like salt, if you like umami, than this is the food for you. I like to make veggie soup and then use the miso as my seasoning. Not only is it tasty, but you can feel your body getting healthier whilst you eat it.

  3. Papaya – This and pineapple are the only fruits I know that actually contain digestive enzymes. Papaya contains papain which helps breakdown proteins. When I was studying permaculture in Costa Rica they said locals used papaya seeds to help fight parasites. Wowza!

  4. Strawberries – Fiber is so important for GUT health and what better way to get it than some sweet little fruits. These are actually low in sugar which make them a great snack and don’t forget we eat with our eyes, so they are also beautiful.

  5. Coconut Kefir – I went through a period where I made a lot of cashew yogurt at work and used the cabinets in my desk as my dark fermentation space. I have moved on in my life to coconut yogurt which is super easy to make. I will post more about that tomorrow.

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