Think Fearlessly, Live Fully 

What is the Fearless Mind Program?

Your Fearless Mind program is an interactive video-based training program and community that teaches habit change and empowers you to reclaim your health for the long-term. 

Whether you’re frustrated or excited to integrate new habits into your lifestyle, the Fearless Mind program will help you conquer what you once perceived as impossible. 

Now Imagine If:

You knew you could achieve anything you set your mind to, and you had the tools to do it 

You were able to show up more authentically and present in your own life because you felt more empowered in YOU

You felt like you had control over your own health and had a roadmap of how to achieve your goals

How does the Fearless Mind Program Work?

Program Basics

•Set aside 15 minutes per day for this program

•You will receive access to the entire program when you enroll 

•Content will be in the form of a video and article, so you access whatever works best for you

•Activities are used  to reinforce main concepts 

•Utilize the community for support and accountability


Week 1&2: Focus on goal setting and getting your mind ready for change

Week 3&4: Putting it into action

What Others are Saying:

The exercises allowed me to step back and assess my health. During the course of this program, I cultivated a better attitude about self-care and implemented positive changes in my daily routine.

It's a great starting point for evaluating your relationship with food, learning how to shift your mindset and setting yourself up for success on your own terms. Sarah is super fun, engaging, and knowledgable. 

Sarah Greenfield RD, CSSD


16550 Riverside Drive


Studio City CA 91602 



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