Personalized Health 


You deserve to know your body


Are you frustrated with the lack of clarity you have around your health?


Do you feel like you haven't been able to achieve wellness in a long time?


Is the internet your new doctor?


Stop driving yourself crazy and get the answers you are looking for. Take a deep breath, we got you!

At Fearless Fig we practice functional medicine, an approach to wellness that utilizes personalized testing, meal plans, lifestyle changes, support from experts and natural remedies and nutrients to shift your health.


Doesn't it sound nice to have a plan? 

How it works 

Change doesn't happen overnight. In fact we measure change in our clients and found:

After 1 session: 11% improvement in symptoms

After 2 sessions: 47% improvement in symptoms

After 5 sessions: 63% improvement in symptoms 

This is why we offer 3 month programs, to ensure we are creating habits for long-term sustainable health. 

**Data was collected via MSQ forms that clients complete at each session over the 3 months. 

Long-Term, Sustainable Health 

Our 3 month program is designed to:


  • Repair digestive imbalances to decrease bloating, improve regularity, boost energy and stabilize weight.  

  • Identify specific triggers that upset your digestion and create meal plans that support healing. 

  • Provide a personalized, structured roadmap to correct imbalances. 

Now Imagine If:

You could eat food without worrying about if it would upset your digestion and body

You had the tools to understand your body and didn't have to rely on Google and Goop for the latest wellness trends to fix your digestion

You felt confident in your ability to make real-long lasting change  

Quick peak inside of what you get...

5 Sessions with Sarah 

1 Test + Supplement Discounts

Customized Meal Plans

I have had severe bloating, terrible gas and bad digestion for so long. Over the years I have seen so many doctors whom have all failed to alleviate my symptoms. I live a healthy life filled with exercise, clean eating, plenty of sleep and couldn't understand why my body and digestion were so off. After listening to my issues, taking a stool test and creating a plan, I started seeing results after about 6-8 weeks. I am getting my body back and feeling more confident. People have been telling me recently this is the best I've ever looked. Because health and happiness truly radiate from the inside out. Thank you Sarah, you are simply the best!

 - Jessica, L.

She knew more about my body than any doctor ever had, without blood work. The functional approach to nutrition looks at our bodies as a whole, not a bunch of unrelated systems, and Sarah simply knows her stuff.

-Tammy, I

I have had digestive challenges my entire life and tried just about everything - changing my diet, incorporating different vitamins, teas, etc. It wasn't until I was helped by Sarah aka the Fearless Fig that I saw lasting positive change. 

-Briana, C

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The 3-month programs

I am Fearless ..........

I am Focused..........

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