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As a registered dietitian, functional medicine practitioner, poo aficionado and someone who has struggled with digestive issues for the better part of my life, I know how vulnerable and overwhelming it can be to make a lifestyle change.

In order to upgrade and transform your health, you have to be Fearless! My practice utilizes advanced testing to determine root cause of imbalances, and together we create a personalized nutrition plan to correct them. 

See what actual clients say: 

Jess struggled with digestive issues for years and was finally able to get her bloating under control and feel confident in her body. 

Zahra had terrible eczema and reflux for years and was able to get the data on her body to make changes that finally worked.

I went to Sarah after experiencing a great deal of frustration over a long-standing problem. She took my concerns seriously and spent a lot of time formulating a plan for helping my situation. I can honestly say that I finally feel I am on my way to solving my problem.  She is intelligent, knowledgeable, with great follow up and attention. Most importantly I feel I have a "partner" in helping me to attain my best health. I could not recommend Sarah more highly.

Katherine, L 

When I say Sarah changed my life I'm not being hyperbolic, she really really did. I have anxiety and doctors always cause it to spike because 9 times out of 10 they speak so clinically, Sarah was the opposite. She put my anxiety at ease and didn't make me feel like I was a lost cause. After weeks of working together I was starting to feel better and starting to understand my body and what it actually needed. I've figured out triggers, and I've figured out what I need to do to feel better, so if i do have a flare up its not scary and its not severe. The best part is that I am now actually in the process of weaning off my meds and my doctor thinks I should be able to completely stop taking them

Rhiannon, M

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Sarah Greenfield RD, CSSD


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