Starts in Your GUT

Fearlessly explore your health and never settle for anything less than feeling your best. 


Your ability to regulate your weight, remove toxins and boost your immune system relies on your digestive health.


When your digestion is functioning well, you simply feel better -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will function on a higher plane. 

But what happens when your digestion isn't working and you're trying to find answers to optimize your health? 

Info Overload

You're overwhelmed with all the information that is out there and you have tried so many different things but nothing seems to work. 

Medical Fail

Conventional medicine hasn't helped and your doctor provided little to no information about how to heal your gut and improve your health. 

Body Enemy

You feel like your body is working against you and no matter what you do you feel bloated or struggle with digestive issues and reaching your health goals.

No System

You never tried to fix your health with an organized approach. You now have a cabinet full of crazy supplements and still no answers. 

Why the Fearless Fig Approach Works

  • Focuses on the root cause of the problem vs. treating symptoms

  • Provides personalized information to help you organize your journey

  • Resources are all created with restoring digestive health as the foundation 

  • Information comes from Sarah, a certified practitioner with 10+ years of experience​

What we offer:


As a registered dietitian, poo aficionado and someone who has struggled with digestive issues for the better part of my life, I know how vulnerable and overwhelming it can be to make a lifestyle change. I have made it my mission to fearlessly talk about poop and how it holds the secrets to our health, I even gave a TEDx talk on the matter! I believe in order to upgrade and transform your health, you have to be Fearless! 

My practice utilizes advanced testing to determine root cause of imbalances, and together we create a personalized nutrition plan to correct them. Cont...

See what actual clients say: 

You have no idea how life changing this has been. I have been to so many doctors, endocronologists, OB specialists...been tested for diabetes, so many blood tests, and no one gave me an answer, all to find out it was just the wrong foods I was eating! 

Emily T

Jess L

 It's been a couple weeks now and I have BARELY any gas or bloating and perfect 1 wipe poops, and the best side effect of all-- my sugar cravings are at an all time low. It was like magic. 

Tammy I

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