Your finest poop awaits 

Empowerment through education, hands-on activities and learning the process of healing digestion.  

How can this program help YOU?


Stop guessing and start thinking like  a practitioner to understand the root cause of your digestive imbalances. 

Long-Term Change

Build lifelong skills to manage digestive imbalances and create an empowered relationship with your body.


Knowledge is potential power, execution is true  power! In 4 weeks you will execute and know how to create long-lasting change.

The Fearless Gut program brings together the most effective tools from my private practice that I have spent years developing and the most current research in the digestive health space. You will not only receive meal plans, supplement guidelines, poop charts and hands-on activities but you will receive a deeper understanding of how stress, hormones and food create imbalances in the body. Don't waste any more time suffering on your own, get empowered and join the program! 

How the Fearless Gut Program Works 

As soon as you enroll you will receive an email that unlocks the introductory lessons of the course. You’ll get your own username and password where all the course materials are held privately online.

The program is 4 weeks long and you will receive access weekly to new content. You will have access to the entire program for 3 months. 

Take a Look Inside your Journey Through the Fearless Gut Program

Your Program Materials are delivered via:

Training Videos

Hands-On Activities 

Scientific Resources

Introduction // Welcome

Start Here | A note from Sarah 

Exercise 1 | Getting started

Resource 1 | Success in the program - best practices  

Resource 2 | Success in the program - fearless mindset

Resource 3 | Overview of eating plan

Resource 4 | Week 1 meal plan

Exercise 2 | Order your supplements + overview 

Exercise 3 | Daily guided meditation 

Week 1 // Setting the Foundation

Video 1 | What causes digestive imbalances?

Resource 1 | Digestive imbalance graph

Exercise 1 | Assess your level of imbalance

Video 2 | Build methodology 

Video 3 | Eating Plan + healthy plate

Video 4 | Review week 1 meal plan

Resource 2 | Throw together meals + snacks

Video 5 | Meal prep basics

Resource 3 | Pantry staples + cooking items

Video 6 | Morning elixir

Week 2 // Balance and the Mind 

Video 1 | Week 1 recap + Week 2 overview 

Resource 1 | Meal plan

Video 2 | Supplement deep dive

Resource 2 | Supplement chart

Video 3 | Probiotics + microbiome

Video 4 | Mind-gut connection

Resource 3 | Mind-gut connection overview 

Video 5 | Shifting your mindset

Exercise 1 | Beliefs about your own health

Week 3 // Stress and Hormones

Video 1 | Week 2 recap + Week 3 what to expect

Resource 1 | Meal plan

Video 2 | How stress impacts the body + building your toolbox 

Exercise 1 | Assessing stress   

Exercise 2 | What’s in your toolbox?

Video 4 | Hormones and your gut

Video 5 | Blood sugar balance

Exercise 3 | Assess your hormones

Resource 2 | Your hormones

Week 4 // Understanding Your Body

Video 1 | Week 3 recap + next steps 

Resource 1 | Meal plan

Video 2 | What is your poop telling you

Exercise 1 | Poop chart

Video 3 | Functional testing

Exercise 2 | Assess your progress

Exercise 3 | What test to take

Bonus Materials // 

Yoga for Digestion 

Bloating 101 

Healthy dessert recipes

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The total value of the program is: $1,170

Current Offer: $279!


Is this course designed to help correct digestive disease? 

This course is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any digestive diseases. It is intended to empower you with the knowledge of how to optimize digestive health through lifestyle modifications including food, supplements and education about the body. 

Additional questions? Please email: fearlessfigassistant@gmail.com

I am vegan, can I do this course?

This program is not structured for vegans. I find a vegan lifestyle can sometimes exacerbate digestive issues. I do work with individuals in my one-one sessions that are following vegan diets, just not this program. 

I have a lot of food allergies, can the program be customized? 

There are meal plans and a food guideline provided for the course. If there are some foods you can't eat on the meal plans, you can check the food guidelines for modifications. 

I am pregnant, can I enroll? 

Since pregnancy has different nutritional needs, we do not suggest this program for those who are pregnant. 

I am taking medications, will this be a program while enrolled in the program?

If you are taking any medications, you must check with your doctor before starting the program and make sure it is okay to add supplements into your routine. 

Meet Sarah AKA Figgy. 

She's a functional medicine dietitian who loves the microbiome and poop. Her passion is helping people gain control over their digestive health and feel better. She believes education + execution creates long-term, sustainable health. 


Sarah Greenfield RD, CSSD


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